Eidul Fitr

Eid Ul Fitr Prayer at Ejaba

Eid Ul Fitr Prayer at 8 AM at Ejaba Centre Edappazhanji on the Eid day.

(Special arrangements for Ladies)

All are Welcome

Dua meeting on 02 July 2016 (Saturday)

Ramadan Special Dua Majlis / Prayer Meeting on 02 July 2016

Saturday at 11 AM at Ejaba
CentreSpecial annual Dua Majlis in connection with Ramadan 2016
lead by Imam Hafiz P.H. Abdul Gaffar Maulavi.
All are welcome to attend the Special Dua.

Ihtikaf on 25 and 27 Ramadan

Ithikaf arrangements are made for 25 and 27 Ramadan at Ejaba Centre
Please register for making arrangements for Food.

Ifthar during Ramadan

Ifthar arrangements are available for persons observing Fasting